“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  ~  Mahatma Gandhi

I believe there needs to be a global mindset shift on all issues pertaining to women.  And as it is the change I wish to see in the world, it is what I strive to do with  The She-Ecosystem platform.

~ Iris

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She-Entrepreneurs-Mtl (SEM) - Anie Rouleau

December 5, 2017


Pleased to introduce entrepreneur Anie Rouleau, from Baléco Inc and its main brand "The Unscented Company".  Anie is in the 'Natural Home + Body Care' industry.  Baléco products are made in Canada, are Eco-Friendly, and not tested on animals. Anie founded and has been running her business "for a nice 5 years" now.


Anie recently attended the first edition of Happy GovDay held in Lyon, France, a Summit on ethical governance. 


With the theme of that event in mind, I asked her what that meant to her.  Here's her answer:


"I am an activist on two main issues. ''L'entrepreneurship au Féminin'' (Women in Entrepreneurship) and ''Comment bâtir une entreprise durable'' (How to build a sustainable company). We cannot talk about being Sustainable and non ethical. The world is changing and we are not leaving a healthy planet to the next generation. We must begin in managing our businesses with better governance- thinking about tomorrow and about us, women – and we are great at that!  :-)"


Mission of your firms: Redefine the notion of clean by offering a fragrance free natural Home + Body care line smartly design for conscious living.


Why the entrepreneurial path?  To use my business as a force for “Good”. Being an Entrepreneur gives me the ability to encourage my community, to give local business some of my business, to select better ingredients and materials of each of my product and reduce my environmental footprint; to give opportunity to create jobs and to influence positively with ethical governance.


Lesson(s) learned?  Creating a business with an eco-friendly mission can be profitable.


Advice?  Our responsibility as an entrepreneur does not stop at the gate of our office. We must be responsible upstream and downstream of our products or service we supply to market.


Fun/interesting fact about you within your industry/career?  (This answer is added by the curator of the page – not by Anie herself.)  Anie has held several senior executive positions, and Baléco Inc is not the first business she founded.


Anything else you’d like to add?  The entrepreneur of tomorrow must manage with kindness in a more inclusive way. Businesses with only growing-shareholders value as a mission is perceived as old fashioned and irresponsible. Along with stakeholders in mind, we must incorporate all of our values.


Baléco Inc is a Certified B Corporation, more on that here.

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