What is a 'Gig Economy'

In a gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees. A gig economy undermines the traditional economy of full-time workers who rarely change positions and instead focus on a lifetime career. (Source Investopedia, read more here.)


What is this page?/Who is it for?


This is a "Job posting board"-like platform, exclusively for small businesses and Startups, and for the Montreal ecosystem.

(The Gig Page is the intermediary between the two parties, 'Talent-seeker' and 'Gig-seeker', and allows a formation of liaison between the two, specific to gig-type jobs -- it does not do any filtering of resumes, or any of the recruitment.)


Jobs listed on The Gig Page are anything from Office manager to CTO, but with these types of statuses :

-  Temporary

-  Part-time

-  Contractual/Freelance

-  Flexible (in relation to a Startup's growth or its future direction)

How it works:

*  'Small-business-owners' and Startups looking to fill a gig position can send me a message with its description, as well as the preference of how you would like to hear back from potential candidates.

*  Upon receipt of your message, and within 24 hours, your post will be up on the board.

*  Candidates interested in the gig position can apply by sending you directly their resumes by the preferred method you have specified (through your website, or by email) - or directly to me, as your Liaison Officer, and I will transfer applicants' resumes to you periodically, as per agreed specifications.)

*  When posting a gig job (up to 3, no extra charge) on the board, it remains there for 4 weeks, (unless of course you ask for it to be removed), and can easily be renewed for another set of 4 weeks, should you continue your talent search.

*  Along with posting on this platform, listings of gig jobs will be shared regularly on LinkedIn as part of this service.  This will allow your talent search to be seen by a broader, and a varied cluster of network.

Package cost:

Basic Package: Gig job is posted on the Gig page for exactly 4 weeks to the day  + posts on LinkedIn

** Cost: $140/month - ($35/week) **

Liaison Officer service: Basic Package +'Job-seekers' send me their resumes, and I relay them to you periodically, as per our discussed specifications.

** Cost: $160/month - ($40/week) **

Why the Gig page?

1) It's specific for "Gig Economy"-like jobs and Startups' business model.

2) Service includes daily shares of gig jobs from this platform onto LinkedIn; so a varied cluster of networks can learn about you.

3) I act as your liaison officer; the intermediary between 'Talent-seeker' and 'Gig-seeker' (but do not do Resumes filtering).

4) A personalized and unique service for a niche market and business model trend; a fraction of what other job-boards or agencies/recruiters cost, and allows you piece of mind to focus on growing your business!

Story behind 'The Gig page':

With Montreal's thriving innovation ecosystem, and growing numbers of Startups, and with the Gig Economy's new model of seeking and holding jobs, The Gig Page was created to help exclusively 'Talent-Seekers' and 'Gig-Seekers' specific for this ecosystem, and its new industry/business models. 

Having searched lots of job-board websites for freelance, temporary/part-time position, I couldn't find anything specific for my searches.  Either the platform included positions internationally (not focusing on Montreal and area), or was very limited and lacking in jobs.  Albeit, this was before the "Start-up era", but as markets and trends are rapidly changing, I decided to create the Gig Page.